Art Experience Days

2016 - Sadly the Deer Park Art Courses are no longer running, due to the fact that the hotel is now specialising in high end Experience Days and weddings and functions. Feel free to contact the hotel if you would like them to re-introduce the art tuition courses or organise a special one day experience - I am sure that they will accommodate you and they can contact me to tailor the experience to your own personal needs.

Alternatively I am now in talks with a new venue about running similar art courses, further details to be advised, but feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss in more detail.

2014/2015 - Exciting times! I was asked to host an art party for ten people at the Deer Park Honiton last weekend. After many sleepless nights planning the event and making sure that even the tiniest details and possibilities had been accounted for, the day arrived. Set up and ready to go in plenty of time. I provided all oil paints, brushes, palette knives, canvas, easel and other materials, and then acted as tutor and guide to each person, so that everyone had a chance to make their own personal contribution to the painting. Even total novices were surprised at what they could produce with my guidance and instruction. It was one of the most rewarding tuition sessions I have ever had! And inspired me to go home and get painting on my own projects at earliest opportunity.

The Deer Park is a beautiful venue, with outstanding views across the nearby countryside, and the hotel itself has a fantastic atmosphere of comfort, relaxation and quality. The day went like a dream, with the group producing a great piece of artwork to commemorate the birthday of the very special lady who booked me. Well done all! 

I am thrilled to announce that I have now been invited to host several Art Course Days per month, from May to September inclusive! The course content will vary for every lesson. There will be courses for all abilities. Morning and afternoon refreshments, as well as a lovely lunch will be provided and are included in the cost of the Course. The Course itself will run before and after lunch. I shall provide delegates with approximately £40 worth of complimentray goodies, to use on the day and take away with you. For bookings please see link below for the Deer Park Hotel.

First course done at the Deer Park on Monday 2 June! What a fantastic day. additional people joined the course on the day, and fantastic artwork was produce by all! I met some truly lovely people, one of whom said they were pressganged into doing the course by her husband, she said she was OCD and could not even draw a stick man. So I pushed her outside her comfort zone, threw away the brushes and got her to produce a fantastic seascape! Her husband produced an amazing owl painting, and the other delegate painted a beautiful picture of galloping wild horses using palette knives. Well done all. Roll on the next course - I loved it!

September 2014 - I have now hosted several art courses a month at the Deer Park, each and every one has been fantastic! I have met some amazing people, and managed to get every one of them to produce a great peice of artwork, even one lovely lady who said she could not even draw a stick man, and went on to produce a fantastic seascape, without using brushes! 

I am also thrilled to announce that the Deer Park have now confirmed future dates for art courses throughout the winter - thank you, Deer Park. I am so glad to continue these pleasurable and rewarding sessions. Bookings already rolling in...

For all enquiries please feel free to contact The Deer Park Country Hotel at   or  email me at 

Art Courses at the Deer Park Hotel, Honiton

I have now had confirmation from the Hotel that they would like me to run some art courses there!!!! The courses will include: Oil Painting WITH Brushes For Beginners, Oil Painting WITHOUT Brushes for Beginners, Oil Painting WITH Brushes for Intermediate & Advanced, Oil Painting WITHOUT Brushes for Intermediate & Advanced, and a fun mixed media course titled 'The Wisdom of the Press' for all abilities. 

Courses will be run on various Mondays commencing April 2014 until September 2014 inclusive. Start time approximately 9am, ending approximately 4.30pm.

The cost of each course will be £95.00 per person. This price includes morning and afternoon refreshments, lunch, plus a complimentary 'Goodie Pack' of art materials worth £40.

For more information and to book a place please contact:

The Deer Park Country Hotel, Tel 01404 41266, or email 

Hotel website link is 

HURRY! Limited places available for this fantastic day out that is not only enjoyable and rewarding, where you get the chance to have relaxed, friendly and informative fun, in stunning suroundings, and a lovely meal to boot! A great value way to spoil yourself or your loved ones.

I look forward to you joining me there!