Special Mentions and Thanks

Mentions must go to some very Special People!!!

Firstly to my parents who were and are totally supportive in all that I have ever achieved. My mother is my best creative critic - her observations are always spot on!

To my wonderful boys Cameron and Morgan. 

To the most wonderful art teachers Debbie and Claire at The King's School, who inspired me beyond measure to try new methods and techniques, and who took me to visit the Tate Gallery in London, the Saatchi Gallery, and the Tate St Ives. You guys 'ROCK'!

To Hind Street Gallery who made me cry when they valued my painting of 'Racing for Home'! They were amazed, happy, totally gob-smacked tears, so thank you!

To Cathy Osbond and all of the fantastic artists that I have had the pleasure of getting to know at The Sidmouth Gallery in Old Fore Street, Sidmouth. I hope to add a link to this site that will enable you to look up forthcoming exhibitions.

To Ian for being my biggest fan and believing in me, and for helping to make my dreams a reality!

Thank you to all you wonderful special people who have bought my artistic creations and thus made me actually believe in myself and the things that I create. You have helped to make my dream a reality.

And finally to Enigma, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Erykah Badu, and Chilled Acoustic, all of whose music inspires me while painting!