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Written by James Joyce on 25. Jan, 2013
Very powerful imagery. Thank you for giving me a lot of pleasure on a grey and miserable day.
Written by Ro, The Awlie on 25. Jan, 2013
I am in awe but for some reason I am not surprised. You are amazing and I wish for you all that is good!
Written by Cameron and Morgan on 25. Jan, 2013
Mum, this is the funkiest day of my life! You had no reason to be nervous! Cameron and Morgan
Written by Annie Layzell on 25. Jan, 2013
Fab Fab Fab. Well done girlie.love always, Annie
Written by Joan and Mike Welch on 25. Jan, 2013
They are all amazing. Such a talent.
Written by Paul on 25. Jan, 2013
I wish I could play guitar as well as u can paint! "Amazed"!
Written by Hugo, Kayla, Mo, Polly and Lottie on 25. Jan, 2013
Horse heads and dogs exceptional! Loved the miniatures in particular. Also the painting in the style of Kurt Jackson. A huge achievement altogether. A whopping well done!! Many congratulations.Hugo, Kayla, Mo, Polly and Lottie
Written by Mary Danhill, Surrey on 25. Jan, 2013
I came to your exhibition in Sidmouth and was blown away by the variety of your work both in style as well as subject. Can't wait to see more! Large seascapes were amazing! You have a gift
Written by Ann Gould on 18. Jan, 2013
Beautiful work Jacqueline I particularly like the vibrancy of your abstracts. Love from Ann Australia
Written by Ian Hardy on 11. Jan, 2013
The picture of Dido is of my dog, if you saw the photo that it was taken from you would be gob smacked, the likeness is totally superb, if you know Dido then you cannot fail to reconise her from this drawing. Thank you so much, I love it .
Written by Nicki Logie on 9. Jan, 2013
WOW!!! What a talented lady you are!!! Cant wait to come to one of your exhibitions. Well done you.
Written by Katie Smyth on 5. Jan, 2013
Wow! These are totally Amazzzing! So realistic some of them could be photos! Very talented lady! X