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Written by Nadine, Amber and Sachia on 25. Jan, 2013
Beautiful work! The grey horse is quite mesmerising!! Thank you
Written by Anon on 25. Jan, 2013
Enjoyed the variety and energy together with real skill. More please!
Written by Janet Sawyer, Farringdon Society of Arts (FSA) on 25. Jan, 2013
Thank you for inviting me to view your first solo exhibition. The first of many to come! Congratulations!
Written by Freya, Sidmouth on 25. Jan, 2013
I love the Foxglove picture!
Written by Annie, Nottingham on 25. Jan, 2013
Brilliant range, showing great skill
Written by Chris Couper on 25. Jan, 2013
Would love to be able to afford Water Lilies
Written by Ruby Maskell, Wales on 25. Jan, 2013
Truly taken away with your work, really inspiring and interesting.
Written by M Maskell, Wales on 25. Jan, 2013
Written by Oliver Perkins, Bristol on 25. Jan, 2013
I like this very much, very nice artwork.
Written by Mary Hawich on 25. Jan, 2013
Fabulous work! Haven't seen such good work in ages.
Written by P Brand, London on 25. Jan, 2013
Written by Rosemary on 25. Jan, 2013
So lovely - well done. I particularly desired the Abstracts.
Written by Liz Kolek on 25. Jan, 2013
I feel I want to walk into your paintings. They are amazing, such depth and beauty.
Written by Karen, Beer on 25. Jan, 2013
Lovely exhibition. Love the Grey Horse. You capture animal nature and their spirit.
Written by Keith Steel on 25. Jan, 2013
Above and beyond our expectations! Well done