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Written by Sue Cuff on 28. Jun, 2018
Hi Jacqueline, I met you at the Kennaway House exhibition in Sidmouth and was truly mesmerised by your paintings and inspired by your story. I came with my sister and we had a long chat. I am looking for direction after the sudden death of my husband last year and I feel that you have motivated me to get my studio back into working order and get the paints out! Would love to have some tuition from you but live in Cornwall so not sure if that is feasible.
Written by Ian Turner on 17. Apr, 2017
Although no artist myself,I appreciate the skill that goes into works of art.I like all kinds of painting styles,but particularly impressionist painting. Like your site , keep up the good work!😀
Written by Jayne `Stumpsky' Doutch on 5. Jun, 2014
I have OCD, am rubbish with colours and can hardly draw a stick man. My husband pressganged me onto one of Jacqueline's painting courses - I was not amused! Well I was not amused into she miraculously turned me into an artist now called `Stumpsky' (I'm short). Jacqueline is clearly a genius and I would have NEVER imagined I could have enjoyed something so much. A truly memorable experience. Thank you so much.
Written by chelsi on 13. Apr, 2013
loved our painting of Scooby and Louis mum loved it and has a memory of her lovely Doberman to keep thanks to you will be recommending you to every one and thanks again
Written by Candid Gallery Visitors Feedback on 5. Mar, 2013
'The Artist Who Does Everything!'
Unbelievably varied work.
Her work touches my heart.
Inspired! And Inspirational!
The paintings are almost photographic!
What, you did ALL of them????
Written by Kyle, Sidmouth on 25. Jan, 2013
Beautiful, especially love 'Racing Boats'
Written by Carol Y Dugmore on 25. Jan, 2013
Blown away - fabulous!
Written by Allison, Awliscobe on 25. Jan, 2013
Well what can I say - you are truly talented! And you play the Sax as well!!!!
Written by Jo Ritchie on 25. Jan, 2013
Fantastic paintings - brings the fresh air and sea salt inside! Many thanks
Written by Lizzie Green on 25. Jan, 2013
Fantastic, Well done
Written by Matt Culmer, Sidmouth on 25. Jan, 2013
Lovely paintings, Jackie, love the 'Racing Boats', (especially that mainsail!) and the 'Woods' paintigs
Written by Ray Spencer, Yondanooka, W Australia on 25. Jan, 2013
Love your work, keep it up!
Written by J Hedges, Oxford on 25. Jan, 2013
Lovely Harbour by Night, Wisdom of The Press and especially Riders in the Mist. Lovely
Written by L Wills, Sydney, Australia on 25. Jan, 2013
Excellent work, Jackie, great to see your work. Hope you will enjoy so much more success. Love the Tiger!
Written by Anon on 25. Jan, 2013
Pictures full of energy and light and colour. Many telling a story Wonderful! Look forward to more.